2022-23 Beat Poet Laureate (England)

‘Beneath the Gravel Weight of Stars’ & the Beat mythology of the supertramp’.

Currently (July 2022) I’m working on an article called Beneath the Gravel Weight of Stars’ & the Beat mythology of the supertramp.

Mimi German confronts the Portland Police

It’s part review, part reflection, part interview with next gen-Beat goddess Mimi German and is due for publication in the forthcoming edition (#7) of the eco-arts magazine, Steel Jackdaw.

btw: you can still get the last edition, Steel Jackdaw #6, which includes my article on Kerouac and Suffering.

at this centenary event I gave a talk on ‘Kerouac and Suffering’ drawing on The Dharma Bums, Some of the Dharms, Scattered Poems, Jack’s journals and more

Back to the grit queen, Mimi German and her superb collection of outlaw poetry: a longer edition of the same article will appear in my own Beat Surreal Annual #1 (due end 2022/early 2023). The annual collects the best of all previous issues of my 1990’s underground litzine, plus the remains of unfinished or unused work, alongside specially curated new next-gen Beat writing. Going forward I intend to curate an annual each year or thereabouts.

In the longer edit of the article/review I’ll probably reinstate my waffling about Whitman, Alexander Masters’ Stuart: a Life Backwards (a must read) and Jon Raymond’s short story from Livability (another must read) that became a movie version filmed by Kelly Reichardt as Wendy and Lucy (a must see) and Dark Days (another must see), as well more of Mimi’s poems and my interview with her.

Follow me over on Facey to find out when it’s available, as well as snippets of writing, news and just great writers over on facebook.com/karlostheunhappy

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