2022-23 Beat Poet Laureate (England)


a journey into secular Buddhism & vipassana

As a former fairly militant atheist, it seems an incongruous place to begin, but let us set out with a chanting prayer…

Sabaka Mangal Hoye Re –

“May Goodness Happen for All”

Sabaka mangala sabaka mangala sabaka mangala hoya re.
May I be happy and blessed with goodness all the time.

Tera mangala tera mangala tera mangala hoya re.
May you be happy and blessed with goodness all the time.

Drishya aur adrishya sabhi jivoh ka mangala hoya re, jala ke thala ke aur gagana ke jala ke thala ke aur gagane ke, brani sukhiya hoya re.
Beings living on the earth, in the water and in the air, may all be happy and without pain

Dasoh dishao ke saba prani dasoh dishao ke saba prani, mangala labhi hoya re.
Creatures living in all ten directions, may they meet goodness everywhere.

Nirbhaya hoy nirbaira banned sabh – sabh nirapad hoya re.
May all be without fear and without ill-will, may all be without torment.

Although it might have some chronology and represent a journey, this will be a static page rather than a blog, updated with refinements and learning as in Suzuki’s ‘Beginner’s Mind’.

{although I’m already on this journey, this page is a little further back, come back from time to time to see it grow}

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