This Blog is a space for thought. And links to more interesting content.

I am currently in the Labour Party, coach for the u11 squad at Chepstow Town FC, and a father of 2 young children.

I was Agent for the Forest of Dean Constituency Labour Party in the 2015 General Election and lead the local manifesto team. Now I sit on the Editorial Committee for the Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Clarion magazine but I am still in the Labour Party and voted for Corbyn – or rather, his policies – both times.

I am Executive Director of a small software development company based on the Forest of Dean and we provide costing software to the public sector and beyond. I am driven by creativity and collaborative working.

I used to be the Editor of my own litzine in the early 90’s: ‘Beat Surreal’ – you can still find it listed on Zine Wiki. This was influenced by the Beat Generation of writers, and the surrealist circle of the early 20’s. There’s a link between them: the cut-up technique used to great effect by Bowie in the 70’s came from his reading Burroughs who got it from the surrealist cut-up game the ‘Exquisite Corpse’, as well as often surreal imagery and hallucinations (see Ginsberg and his visions of Blake, a pre-cursor to the surrealists). But that was 20 years ago. I haven’t written poetry for a while. I was tutored by Poetry Society-recommended author, Paul Groves. I have had work published alongside Peter Levi.

I used to run a record store, sing and write in a grunge band, spent about 6 months in the Paras and have worked on a building site. In 2015 I went to Berlin to see if there was anything left of the GDR. There wasn’t much.

I spend quite a lot of my limited thinking time pondering whether an enlightened life can be attained through practical philosophy and by applying some of the principles behind Systems Thinking, Motivational Interviewing, the Ethical Circle and other techniques to one’s domestic life…if I had the time…

Perhaps if I listed my interests it might give you a feel for the kinda content you can expect. So here goes.

  • philosophy
  • avoiding nuclear war
  • Dr. Edward Wilson
  • modern British Communism
  • politics
  • football
  • the Beat Generation
  • photography
  • the GDR
  • nostalgia
  • ethical living
  • personal archiving
  • parenting
  • music
  • the written word
  • art, architecture and photography
  • film
  • ideas
  • atheism
  • tv
  • evolutionary psychology
  • and people