2022-23 Beat Poet Laureate (England)

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available for readings

I read at Blackwell’s in Oxford for the centenary of Jack Kerouac’s birth in March 2022 and have appeared in numerous National Beat Poetry Foundation readings. My local safe place to land is the Gloucestershire Poetry Society‘s Crafty Crows, but I’m also a member of the Dean Writers Circle. pm me via Facey if you’re interested in me doing a reading set.


You can find my tribute to Jack Kerouac in issue #23 of the brilliant Beatdom magazine alongside work by Kerouac biographer, Gerald Nicosia and inimitable Ryan Matthews among others.

I’m working on a collection of Haiku, a Beat travelogue (Beat in Big Sur & Beat in Berlin), the best of BeatSurreal (which includes new work I’ve curated from a whole new range of outlaw poets and next-Gen Beat poets) and a follow-up to OBLIVION, currently going under the working title of ‘Turning Leaves’ (with a Forest of Dean/Wye Valley long poem, new Beat poets and the completion of my Words from Wyeth cycle which began way back in mid-90s’).

a few who have influenced my work

Richard Brautigan. Jack Kerouac. the Buddha. Walt Whitman. Allen Ginsberg. Gary Snyder. Paul Eluard. Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Matsuo Basho. the Beats. dirty realism. surrealism & dada.