I’ve been reading the 9/11 Commission Report (which you can read for free in this PDF).

On the morning of the attacks, as you will probably have seen, President Bush was visiting an Elementary School in Florida. At 8:46am the first plane had hit the North Tower of the WTC, followed later at 9:03 by Flight UA 175 hitting the second, South Tower.

Of course, by the time the President was informed (9:05am) of the second plane it was clear this was no accident.

At 9:35am the Presidential Motorcade departed the school and not long after the President learned of the attack on the Pentagon.

At which point the President calls the Vice President stating: “Sounds like we have a minor war going on here…We’re at war…somebody’s going to pay.”

And a lot of  innocent people have been paying ever since.

This tells us a lot about the mindset of President Bush. Rather than a defensive position, his first thoughts are offensive, and thus we can see how we quickly arrive at bloody wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Meanwhile the actual instigator of the attacks – a non-state agent – remains at large: Usama Bin Laden.