Rarely has an album crept up on me so wholly. Laura Veirs‘ latest release (July Flame) was unremarkable at first, but I had got hooked on the track ” so stuck with it.

Then, driving with work to deliver on-site consultancy and through the flat Oxfordshire countryside on a warm British summer day, her collection of songs got under my skin.

And now the astonishing beauty of her lyrics similarly impresses whereas before it was a purely aural joy. Notably…

I wanted to make something sweet
The blood inside the maple tree
The sunlight trapped inside the wood
Make something good

I wanted to make something strong
An organ pipe in a cathedral
That stays in tune through a thousand blooms
Make something good

It’s gonna take a long, long time
But we’re gonna make something so fine

I wanted to make something pure
Emerald field from steer manure
A wide-eyed child in a moonlit room
Make something good

And if you love music and your friends then there really is nothing else to do but buy them a copy and that’s just what I’ve gone an done. On its way to you Jon.